Secretary, Ticket Liaison, and Graphic Designer Roles Open for Nomination

Secretary, Ticket Liaison, and Graphic Designer Roles Open for Nomination

Arsenal NYC wants YOU to be a bigger part of our organization. 


Much like Arsenal FC, Arsenal NYC is going through a transition and embarking on a new era. 

Our President and Founder, Kurtis Powers, has stepped down from his role into an Emeritus position, and Jessica Young, our former Secretary, will be taking over as President in his stead. 

This means that the role of Secretary is currently vacant, but the good news is that we know one of our fantastic members will be able to step in and help us move forward in this new era. 

We are also looking for a Ticket Liaison who will be able to help us fulfill the many ticket requests that we get to see Unai Emery's Red and White Army in action at the Emirates this season. 

These roles are an integral part of helping Arsenal NYC continue to grow and expand going forward. 

All nominees should be paid members from the 2017-18 season, and provide a resume and/or essay on why they would be a great candidate. Nominations are due by Monday, August 6th. The roles and responsibilities are described below:

The Secretary of Arsenal NYC

The Arsenal NYC Secretary is responsible for the maintenance and oversight of all club record-keeping, as well as the overall management of the membership sale and renewal process.

This includes: Compiling and distributing meeting minutes of all meetings to the club Board of Directors, Compiling/distributing meeting minutes for the annual AGM, tracking membership sales and renewals (including maintenance and oversight of the club’s membership roster), facilitating the shipment of membership packets, serving as the direct supervisor of Pub Liaisons and Social Media Team, and other duties as dictated by the President or Vice President.

In the event that the Vice President is temporarily unavailable to perform their duties, the Secretary will serve as the backup to perform those roles and responsibilities.


The Ticket Liaison of Arsenal NYC

The Arsenal NYC Ticket Liaison is responsible for the coordination and management of all Supporters Club ticket requests.

This includes: Tracking member requests, Maintaining communications and answering questions for requestors, Monitoring the success or failure of ticket requests on the Arsenal supporters club portal, and Informing requestors of that success or failure. While not always possible, the Ticket Liaison is expected to make attempts to secure tickets via alternate means in case of a failed request, via means such as posting requests on the supporters club portal. The Ticket Liaison will report directly to the club Treasurer. 


The Graphic Designer of Arsenal NYC

The Arsenal NYC Graphic Designer is responsible for creating art for Arsenal NYC that can be shared on our website, and through social media. 

This includes: creating art and/or graphics for Arsenal NYC match invites, other events, and potentially other channels. The designer must be able to come up with standard templates, and work with our Social Media officer to ensure that content is posted in a timely manner. 


If you're a paid or former member, and interested in applying for either or both of these roles, please email with your resume/qualifications and we'll reach out to you in the coming weeks.

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